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New Life Christian School
Instilling Standards for Life with Biblical Truths


We are committed to the physical, moral, and spiritual development of each student utilizing a biblically integrated academic program. We thrive in a cooperative partnership with the families we serve under the covering of New Life Church.


New Life Christian School


We embrace a teaching philosophy that engages each student and incorporates opportunities for feedback and practice to demonstrate understanding in lesson objectives. We achieve this by limiting classrooms to a maximum of 16 students.

Our core curriculum is Bob Jones University Press. BJU course materials are developed from a foundation of diligent research, rigorous standards, and integrated with a biblical worldview across the curriculum. A full Bible course is included and is a graded subject along with all core curricular subjects. You can find more information about the curriculum at

Kindergarten - 8th grade students participate in DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy) assessments three times during the school year to track individual progress in reading and math. 2nd - 8th grade students participate in the SAT-10 (Stanford 10 Achievement Tests) every spring. This test assesses progress in all core curricular subject matter.  2nd - 8th grade students also receive bi-monthly progress reports that reflect up to date assignment and test grades.

Little Life Preschool

Our preschool program introduces the fundamentals through academics, art, and plenty of play for the development of large and fine motor skills. We implement Bible lessons, a weekly chapel, and daily prayer that will begin your child's journey in learning through a Christian worldview.

Teachers work with students on potty training, table manners at mealtime, and appropriate social behavior during work and play with a maximum ratio of 12 students to each teacher.

Pre-Kindergarten students prepare for Kindergarten with foundational basics in pre-reading readiness and early math experiences. They practice at school with letter & number recognition activities, pre-writing exercises, and identifying colors, shapes, & patterns. They will also have homework activities to complete at home and bring back to school. This is an opportunity to practice the responsibilities required in Kindergarten and to also receive positive recognition for a job well done.

The preschool program includes full and part-time schedules, breakfast, lunch & snacks, and all academic & art materials.



The classroom environment is one of the most important factors that impact a student’s success. We foster a sense of belonging and trust in others to promote confidence and a sense of security in students. Cultivating a family like environment encourages students to tackle challenges, try something new, and ask questions. Students thrive when they view their learning environment as positive and supportive.

Student Life involves all classes gathering every morning in our multi-purpose room for flag & Bible salutes, a morning blessing prayer, and special recognition for birthdays or other celebratory events.

Small group Chapel is held every Wednesday for a time of worship, life applicable devotions, and team building activities. Students take turns reciting weekly verses and presenting worship songs with motion & movement that incorporate American Sign Language.

Elementary and Jr. High students enjoy weekly scheduled times in the computer lab. The computer lab is equipped with a station for each student. Young students enjoy educational games and learn appropriate use of computer equipment. Older students learn how to research for projects and type reports.

Enrollment Process


A registration fee of $100.00 for LLP (Little Life Preschool) students and/or $150.00 for NLCS (New Life Christian School) students is due at the time of registration. Material fees for NLCS are due at the time of registration or no later than July 1st.

LLP is a year-round program. Tuition is due on the first day of the month and begins once your child is registered before his/her first day of attendance. Tuition is pro-rated if your child begins after the 1st day of the month. Tuition for NLCS begins on June 1st for those electing the 12-month fee schedule and August 1st for those electing the 10-month fee schedule.

Enrollment forms for preschool students are turned into the LLP office and verified by the director before the first day of attendance. Enrollment forms for Elementary and Jr. High students are available online. Additionally, printed copies are available for pick-up at the NLCS office. Forms can be e-mailed, scanned & returned, or turned in directly to the school office.

LLP and NLCS abide by California state law regarding immunization requirements for preschools and K-12th schools. We do not enroll students without up-to-date immunizations, verified by an official immunization record, unless a waiver for a documented medical reason exists. However, there are exceptions for students with religious or personal reasons with an affidavit, if filed prior to January 1, 2016.

NLCS formally assesses every enrolled student in September, after school begins. Testing is not required as a prerequisite. See below for exceptions.

New Life Christian School does not qualify as a Special Education program. However, we are capable, in some instances, to accommodate and provide modifications for students that have special needs. For these students, an assessment will be administered before acceptance and before school begins to consider the possibility of enrolling potential students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or restrictions that dictate modifications in the learning environment.


New Life Christian School


$150 Registration Fee

Yearly Tuition and Fees
$320 Materials Fee
$5702 Tuition (monthly payment plans available)
$100 Parent Participation Fee (waived after 20 volunteer hours served)

Care 4 Kids – Before and After School Care Program
$45 Registration Fee
$70 a.m. Care (6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.)
$220 p.m. Care (2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

Little Life Preschool


$100 Registration Fee

Monthly Tuition Rate (potty-trained child)
$730 Full-time
$575 M/W/F
$495 T/TH

Monthly Tuition Rate (non-potty trained child)
$750 Full-time
$605 M/W/F
$515 T/TH