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Student Handbook

2019-2020 Parent/Student Handbook

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Instilling Standards for Life with Biblical Truths


2019 - 2020


In case of accidents or injury at school, children are treated with first aid and every effort is made to contact a parent for instructions.  As such, it is very important that changes in phone numbers and addresses be reported to the school promptly. In the event that a parent cannot be reached, persons named on the emergency card to act on a child’s behalf will be contacted.


The NLCS campus opens at 7:30 AM.  If your child will arrive before 7:30 AM, you can contact the school office so that arrangements can be made with our before-school care program, Care 4 Kids.


We ask for your cooperation in seeing that your child attends school each day.  Any absence from school places a hardship on the student and hinders learning. By law, an absence may only be excused for the following reasons:

  • Illness
  • Doctors appointment
  • Death in the family

If your child is absent from school for ANY reason, please contact the school office at 661-831-6262 to report the absence and the cause of the absence.  If you are unable to call, please send a note to school regarding the absence upon your child’s return. California law requires children to attend school and to be on time every day.  Absence from school for four or more days per year for unexcused reasons may result in a child being declared legally truant from school.

If your child is absent, you may request his/her missed assignments.  Please contact the school office by 8:30 am and allow the teacher until the end of the school day to compile the work. Materials needed to complete missed work may be picked up in the office.


Awards are presented at quarterly assemblies and are given for academic  achievement and excellence in behavior and character.


All students at NLCS are expected to behave themselves in a proper manner at all times.  Behavior that is inappropriate for the school setting will not be tolerated. You will be notified if your child exhibits unacceptable behavior.  Communication, parental cooperation, and a supportive school staff are the keys to solving behavioral problems. A copy of the school rules has been included at the end of this handbook.  Please take the time to review these guidelines and re-enforce them with your child.


NLCS does not accommodate the storage of bicycles or any other form of student transportation.  Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and shoes with incorporated wheels are not allowed at school.


Each teacher acknowledges students’ birthdays generally during the last recess of the day.  Please check with the teacher before you bring treats or other birthday items. We try to avoid interruptions to the classroom routine that detract from learning.


Hot lunch tickets are sold for $5.00 each (milk included).  Breakfast tickets are sold for $3.00 each. Milk may be purchased separately for $1.00.  Monthly menus are available in the school office.


All classes have scheduled parties during the school year.  Class parties will be held before Thanksgiving & Christmas break, on Valentine's Day, before Easter break, and the last day of school.


NLCS students are expected to enter and exit the classroom in an orderly manner.  They are to be seated, quiet, and ready for work at 8:00 am. Rules of courtesy to teachers and fellow classmates are to be followed at all times.  Students are to meet each teacher's standards concerning class procedures such as: sharpening pencils, getting needed materials, staying in seats, etc.  Students are responsible for keeping the classroom and their area neat and picked up.

Each student is expected to behave in a manner that does not disrupt the rights of other students during any activity.


Please make every attempt to communicate with your child concerning appointments, after-school care and other situations before the school day begins.  Getting a message to a student during instruction can be difficult and potentially interrupts the teacher and learning for all students. Please send a note with your student or contact the school office to explain any change in their regular routine.  Prior planning eliminates the need for "all call" intercom interruptions and student phone calls. Your cooperation will help us to focus on instruction and is greatly appreciated. The school office is equipped with a student phone to contact parents when necessary.  Students are not allowed to carry or use cell phones.


Good communication between parents and the teacher is an important part of your child's education.  Should you desire a conference concerning your child's progress, you may contact the school office to leave a message for the teacher or send a message directly to the teacher through ClassDojo. The teacher will contact you to set up a date and time for the conference.  Your child’s teacher may also be contacted by e-mail. The e-mail is provided during your “meet the teacher” visit in August.

Please do not go to the classroom to have a "pop-in" conference with the teacher.  Teachers are seldom able to remove their attention from the class in order to have a conference during class time or dismissal.  So that we may be sure that only authorized persons are on the school grounds, it is necessary to sign in and pick up a visitor's pass at the school office for all visitation purposes.


The core curriculum at NLCS is the “Bob Jones University Press” curriculum.  BJU Press provides educational materials written from a biblical worldview that focus on academic rigor and encourage critical thinking.  A description and explanation of the curriculum will be available during Back to School Night in September or you can access information about the curriculum at


If your child is not enrolled in our after-school care program, they are to exit the campus after being dismissed from the classroom.  Students will be monitored during the dismissal period, but after-school supervision is not provided. There are no provisions for primary students to wait on campus for older students, and no supervision is available on the playground.  If this is an issue for your child, please contact the school office about options in our after school care program. For your child's safety, make sure that he/she is picked-up promptly. If your child remains after school, they will be taken to the school office and you will be subject to late pick-up fees.  The after school care program is always available for periodic drop-in's.


In order to promote a school atmosphere where distractions from learning are kept as minimal as possible, NLCS students are expected to dress appropriately.  As such, the following dress code will be enforced:

  • Excessively large trousers, pants and overalls may not be worn.  All pants must be worn at the waist. Exposing under garments is not tolerated.  Belt ends may not hang down.
  • Excessively oversized shirts, including oversized t-shirts, worn outside pants is not allowed.  Overalls must be worn with both straps on the shoulders, not hanging loose.
  • All clothing must be neat in appearance.  Commercial lettering or printing is allowed on shirts and sweatshirts as long as it is acceptable for school attire.  Clothing and accessories depicting “skulls” is not allowed. Jackets, backpacks, binders, etc. may bear the name of the owner in printed block letters.  All other student writing on clothing, backpacks, binders, etc. is unacceptable, as is writing on the hands or other parts of the body. Clothing with holes or frayed because of being cut off is not acceptable.
  • Clothing that is excessively revealing is unacceptable.  "Excessively Revealing" includes: Clothing that is extremely tight fitting; backless dresses or halter tops, tube tops, tank-top shirts or muscle shirts; clothing that shows bare midriffs; shorts or skirts worn shorter than halfway between mid-thigh and knee; clothing that is transparent or revealing; underwear/lingerie being worn as an outer garment.  Girl’s sleeveless shirts must cover the top of the shoulder and any undergarments. Leggings may be worn under skirts and dresses, but not as a pant.
  • Suggestive clothing or objects may not be worn which are libelous, obscene, or depict illegal activity.  This includes buttons, arm bands, shirts, insignias, etc. Clothing with crude or vulgar printing or pictures depicting tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages or clothing that is sexually suggestive or disruptive is not acceptable.  No bare feet. No noisy, unsafe, or disruptive footwear shall be worn. Sandals without a back strap are not permitted. Cosmetics to the face and hair that detract from the educational process such as spray painted hair, extreme painting of the face, glitter in the hair, etc. is unacceptable except on appropriate days declared by the administration.
The administration reserves the right to declare any mode of dress that in their estimation inhibits the educational process or threatens the safety and protection of students as unacceptable.  If students are dressed in an unacceptable manner, parents will be notified and corrective measures must be taken before the student will be allowed to enter the classroom or participate on the playground.


Contingency plans and supplies are in place to deal with any emergency or disaster situation that may arise.  In the event of a major disaster, students will be held on the school campus in a safe location until parents or other designated adults pick them up.

If there is a need to evacuate the students from this campus, they will be transported directly across the street on Shepard to our west campus parking lot.  This is where students will remain until parents or other designated adults pick them up. On going disaster and catastrophic instruction is implemented during the school year.  Parents will receive periodic information with updates concerning disaster and catastrophic planning.


Teachers frequently arrange field trips that are intended to extend and enhance the curriculum.  You will be advised in advance of field trips. Your written permission will be required before your child will be allowed to participate.  You are encouraged to return permission slips promptly as school policy will not allow us to accept verbal consent. Parents are encouraged to serve their parent hours during field trips.


In the event of fog, you are advised to tune in to your local radio and television stations for information about fog delays.  NLCS does not incorporate scheduled fog delay days. If it were announced that there would be a two-hour delay for the Panama-Buena Vista School District, that would include NLCS for safety purposes only.  During fog delays students are always allowed on campus at 8:00 a.m. and will be supervised in the classroom. Appropriate activities will be provided until the majority of students arrive. Safe travel is always the priority.


Homework offers a valuable opportunity for teachers to meet the individual needs of your child.  As a parent you can: provide a regular study time on those days that homework is given; provide a quiet place for study; give help and encouragement when needed; minimize interruptions from family, friends, and the television set.  If your child is enrolled in the after school care program, time is scheduled for students to accomplish their homework with help and encouragement from after school care teachers.


Our students may make inquiries about lost articles before and after school.  A "Lost and Found" area is maintained for articles of clothing that remain unclaimed.  This is located in Room H-1.

Please label your child’s belongings to better assist you with recovery. To avoid confusion, coats, sweaters, hats, lunch boxes, etc. should be clearly marked with a student's first and last name.  Students, not the school, are responsible for the items they bring to school. Personal items, especially valuable ones, should not be brought to school.


State laws govern the taking of medication by students while at school.  Anytime prescription medication that is to be given by school personnel must be in a container with the pharmacist's label attached.

Before we can administer any medication (prescription and/or nonprescription), we must have on file a completed medication form that will give us the specific instructions regarding your child's medication.  This form must be signed by the parent.

STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELF-MEDICATE.  This includes headache remedies, cough drops, throat lozenges, etc.  However harmless these items may seem, they are still subject to the same procedures as medications stated above.  Students found with medication not checked into the school office may be subject to consequences.


The staff of NLCS works to provide a supportive learning environment and a challenging curriculum for all students.  We believe that a successful educational experience results from parents, students and staff working together for the benefit of each child.  The New Life Christian School Parent Involvement Policy requires that parents participate in at least 20 hours of service during the school year.  You can inquire at the front office about ways to serve your parent hours.


NLCS strives to support parental involvement in all school programs by continuing to emphasize and improve communication between the school and home.  The Parent/Student handbook and calendar, notes, telephone calls, parent/teacher conferences, and ClassDojo form the basis of communication between the school and parents.  Parents are encouraged to present suggestions by written communication or e-mail. All suggestions are taken seriously and are responded to in a timely manner. NLCS invites parents to attend chapel, assemblies and other various regularly scheduled programs.


Principal's List recognition will be given to those students, grades 1 – 8, whose collective grade point average in all academic subjects is either "A" or "A-" (3.7) or higher, for a collective quarterly period.

Honor Roll recognition will be given to those students, grades 1 – 8, whose collective grade point average in all academic subjects is a "B"  (3.0 – 3.69), for a collective quarterly period.

A grade below "C" (D or F) in any subject will prevent a student from receiving recognition regardless of their grade point average.

Receiving a "D" or "F" in conduct may also disqualify a student from receiving recognition regardless of the grade point average.

When a student’s grade point average falls below a 2.0 on a semester report card, that student jeopardizes their eligibility to continue in our program.  Every effort will be made to cooperate in a plan to help the student achieve. A teacher/parent and/or administrative conference will be held to discuss and agree on such plans.


NLCS sometimes regroups students for reading instruction according to their achievement level.  Your child may be assigned to a different teacher or may move to another classroom during the reading period.  It is our goal to challenge students who are doing well and to provide remedial support for students who need extra help by grouping those students together.  Care is taken to eliminate all classroom interruptions during reading instruction so that all students can focus on learning.


Report cards will be sent home in October; January; March; and May (last report card will be mailed). Please check the school calendar for end of the quarter and report card days.


NLCS participates in an after school sports program.  Competition is between teams from various private schools in Bakersfield.  The program is limited to students in grades fifth through eighth. Your child’s teacher will provide information regarding this program during “meet the teacher” visits before school begins.


In the fall, directly following the first quarter, teachers share with parents their child's individual student assessment results.  Report cards, phone calls, written communication and progress reports provide parents with additional information about student progress.  A conference will be scheduled if any concerns arise involving a student’s academic achievement.


Student Council is a program in which participants learn the elements of democratic process by discussing issues and ideas that come before the Council.  The Student Council is made up of elected officers and representatives from sixth through eighth grade. The elected officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Pastor.


Every parent/student receives a NLCS Handbook during the “meet the teacher” visit before the first day of school.  In the handbook are school policies and answers to questions to ensure that each child has a positive educational experience. This information addresses parents' rights and responsibilities, the dress code, the school rules and student responsibilities.


Each quarter, one or more students are selected from each classroom as the Student of the Quarter.  Selection is based on a student's behavior, effort, cooperation, attitude, and/or improvement. A student also may be honored for his/her accomplishments with regard to NLCS’s theme for the quarter such as courtesy, honesty, responsibility, etc.


You are always welcome to visit our campus and your child's classroom.  We ask that you call ahead to schedule your visit so as to maximize your time.  If you drop in, you may find the class at recess, at lunch, out of the room, on a field trip, etc.  A visitor’s badge is required and given when you sign-in at the school office.

Whenever you arrive at NLCS (for a scheduled visit or other business), please check-in at the office first.  We will give you a visitor’s badge to wear so that our staff will not question you. We do our best to minimize interruptions and protect our students from unwanted visitors.


If you need to come into the office or on campus, please park in the designated parking area.  It poses problems when vehicles block coned or fenced off areas and driveways. Our goal is to provide the safest possible environment for your child's learning.  Please help us to do that by obeying all signs and traffic guidelines.



  • Courtesy, common sense, and respect for others should guide behavior at all times.
  • Abusive physical contact (pushing, hitting, biting, kicking, etc.) is not tolerated and will be subject to consequences, which may include suspension or expulsion.
  • Students are not to possess any potentially dangerous items.  Any item, instrument or tool that is used in any manner to threaten or cause bodily harm will result in consequences, which may include expulsion.
  • Disrespectful or disobedient behavior toward school personnel will not be tolerated, appropriate consequences will be implemented.
  • In the hallways, students are to walk quietly.  Running, playing, talking or loitering in the hallways is not permitted.
  • Students are not to play in areas that are designated as off limits.
  • Chewing gum and sunflower seeds are not permitted.
  • Toys and games brought from home are only allowed on special occasions at the teacher’s discretion.  Toys allowed in the classroom on occasion might not be allowed during recess time or in the after school day care program, Care 4 Kids.
  • It is expected that students will adhere to the dress code.


  • Students must exhibit respectful behavior in the cafeteria and to the cafeteria staff as well as to fellow students.
  • Trading or giving food to other students is not permitted.
  • Students are expected to eat their lunch and use proper table manners.  The throwing of food or any object will not be tolerated.
  • All food and drinks are to remain in the cafeteria and/or outside snack tables.
  • Students are to wait until their class is dismissed before leaving the cafeteria with a designated yard duty supervisor.


  • Students are to follow his/her teacher's standards for behavior and learning.  Classroom rules and expectations will be discussed with you during “meet the teacher” visits before school begins.  They will also be posted and reviewed often in the classroom


  • The school's policies and procedures are enforced for all school activities, on and off campus, and are to be followed by all students.
  • The administration reserves the right to implement appropriate consequences taking into consideration the offense, developmental stage and the behavioral history of the student.
  • The NLCS staff is committed to conflict resolution, peer mediation and student counseling.  Our goal is to aid our students in spiritual and moral development in cooperation with their families.